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Mostly Sunny Tomorrow
24x24, Venetian Plaster, Acrylic $1200
James S Adams

'Kalaloch Beach'
18x24, Acrylic $400
Lynne Armstrong

6.25" x 36.25" x .5" , Printmaking and book making $500
Magda Baker

24 x 36, oil, acrylic, metallic pigment on panel $800
Kimberly Balla

The Passage
16x20, Photography $250
Mike Bay

15.5 x 21.5, Monoprint $400
Lois Beck

Wash Day at Uncle Rays
14x20, Photography $395
Nina Beheim

Mt. Baler clay #9
14" x 22" x 8 ", Clay $500
Charles Bigger

Modern Relics no. 7, Bremerton WA
9"x9", Photography $600
Victoria Bjorklund

Bashkir Curly
24x48, Acrylic, plaster of Paris $$495
Julie Blakemore

35x22x18, RESIN, STEEL, COPPER $8500
Ned Block

Merging Secrets
36x48, oil $1200
Ruth Bravetti

Victory Garden
35 in x 70 in, paintings on panels $1800.
Therese Buchmiller

Remnants of a High Tide
18x24, Soft Pastel $525
Jackie Bush-Turner

Big Bang
12X12X1, Clay $95
Mary Lynn Buss

Eulogy #1
66"x65", Oil $3000
Tyree Callahan

Chromatic Typewriter II
12"x12"x14", Mixed Media $10000
Tyree Callahan

Salish Atlas #3
21"x42", Oil $900
Tyree Callahan

Form With Frill- view 1
24X13X6, Clay $400
Frank Carsey

Black Bear Study
9x12, Oil $400
Susan Cavanaugh

40"x 35", Oil on Canvas $900
Amy Cline

20x16, Photography $275
Stephen Cole

No Room For Guesswork
36" x 24", Acrylic $975
Deb Decker

Untitled Self
6x12, on clay panel $120.00
Don DeLeva

Venice II
16" x 20", Monoprint/collage. $450
Marcia Douglas

Tower 309
24"x 7" x 7", Clay $350
Rob Droessler

69.25x 49.5, Oil $4500
Jane Dwyer

Wood Fired Fish
14x11x11, Clay $900
Hilary Ernst

West End
18x24, Oil $508
Toshi Esumi

End of a Winter Day
14x20, Oil $388
Toshi Esumi

Vanishing Time
10x13x13, Naked Raku $395
Mark Ferris

Clean Healthful Fun
48 x 48, Acrylic $2000
Samantha Fisher

Viewing in Mid Value
14in x 20 in, Acrylic $325
Mary franchini

9"x4"x9", Wood fired porcelain $500
Eva Funderburgh

Granite Spire
11" x 8" x 8", Clay $195
Wanda Garrity

Yellow Jazz
17x23, Watercolor $1200
Antoaneta Georgieva

20x24, Oil $1000
Antoaneta Georgieva

From 30,000 Feet
14x19, paper, glass beads, clay, thread $2400
Margaret Gibbs

Eye Candy
17x17x12, felted wool, glass beads, candy wrapper lining $3500
Margaret Gibbs

Hood Canal Marsh
36x60, Encaustic mixed media $5000
Carrie Goller

8x10, Photography $250
Marilynn Gottlieb

8x10, Photography $250
Marilynn Gottlieb

Nickel Bouquet
48" x 30", 9 st 36 ga nickel coated wire hand formed/sewn/scu $8500
carla grahn

GW-Fault Line
20 X 24, Arylic Mixed Media $600
Terry Grasteit

GW-Under Water
24 x 30, Arylic $900
Terry Grasteit

Corral with Bull
18x24, on canvas $900
Jay Griffin

14.5 x 12, mixed media/found object assemblage $375
Diane Haddon

Spinal Assessment
24" x 24", Mold, soil, acrylics and cactus spines on canvas $675
Betty Hageman

The Orbital
30 inches x 20 inches x20 inches, Steel $1350
ray Hammar

Moonlight Lily
20x30, Photography $425
Beverly Hanson

View from Above - Iguassu Falls
24xs36, Photography $325
Beverly Hanson

Nazo (Enigma)
30x20, Monotype, collage and stitching on paper $850
David Owen Hastings

My Boat
34x36x36, ceramic and mixed media $3500
Andrew Hoeppner

My Plane
37x36x36, ceramic and mixed media $3500
Andrew Hoeppner

Crackle Throw
39x60, fiber $495
Beatrice Idris

Flotsam Feather
10X18, Undersea Photography $450
Mary Bess Johnson

Framed in a Box II
9x12, Woodcut, Mixed Media Acrylic $800
Ann Johnston-Schuster

Nabokov's Summer Place
171/2" x 22", Gouache & Graphite $$1,500
Peter Juvonen

Prairie Pennants
18 x 18, Photography $850
John Kane

18x16, Oil $100
Tom King

30x40, Oil $1150
diana kingsley

20x20, Photography $350.00
Allyson Klutenkamper

30" x 34", Oil $5000
Mary Lou Kostal

Murmur of the Creek
9x12, Oil $650
Emiliya Lane

The Saddest Aisle #3 - Goodwill Basket
2.25 x 2.25 x 0.5 cm, Electroform Copper Enamel Sterling Silver Steel $1250
Keith Lewis

The Saddest Aisle #6 - Electroform Goodwill Basket
3.5 x 7 x 1 cm, Copper Enamel Sterling Silver Pearls Steel $2500
Keith Lewis

Ferry to the Prom
11x18, Photography $600
Harry Longstreet

Conversion Series I
44 X 30, Acrylic $500
Kari MacKenzie

false sense of security
30x30, encaustic $1900
Holly Martz

Unknown Path
19x13, Photography $475
Whitney Mason

Seven Spiraling Spheres
82 x 25 x 20" , copper $3000
Margie McDonald

First Cutting
30 x 48, Oil $2700
Mary McInnis

9x14, photograph, gum bichromate over palladium $900
Vernon Miller

Just Beneath the Surface
35x7x4, Clay $2,500
Carolyn Nelson

Improvisation in Red and White with Donut
30x30 inches, paper collage $2,000.
Harold Nelson

Totem Owl
0, Acrylic $800
Bill NeSmith

Natural Urges-view 3
60 x 60 x 36 inches, Black walnut, Hawaiian Koa and Purple heart wood $7000
Alan Newberg

Winter Light
24" x 36", Acrylic $1500
Ron Pattern

Space Ice
8 x 12, Photography $300
Alison Peacock

Baby Icarus Tattoo
36x14x14, wax,high fired clay $3600
claudia pettis

Sheep in Winter
12x12, Oil $800.00
claudia pettis

11x14, Oil $270
Erin Pocuis

8x10, Acrylic $400
Priscilla Preus

Gai Ghat, Varanasi
12x18, Photography $685
Stan Raucher

Royal Anguish
7 1/2x10 1/2, Graphite on Paper $185
Juan Rodriguez

18x4x5, Carved Driftwood & found objects $320
Juan Rodriguez

Neutral Ground
16x24, Photography $225
Dinah Satterwhite

Song Bird
37x25x17, Clay $12000
Steve Sauer

Sheep of Orcas Island
20"x16", Oil $400
Doris Schaller

10.5 x 22.3 x 12.5, madrona, aluminum $675
Leslie Schnick

Sit And Unwind
11x14, Photography $280.00

Trees in Mist
12x15, Photography $350
Nicholas Sherbina

Cuboid Variations #3
17x4x17, Steel $850
Kim Simonelli

The Capeville Store - Miss Sally Wilkins
8x10, Photography $255
Clyde Small

Pleurotus Supellex: Sella
36" x 23" x 22", Ceramic and Mixed Media $900
Lisa Soranaka

3 x 18.5, Curly Maple Wood $350
Brad Stave

Blue & Blake Maple Tree Crotch
6"x19", Wood $350
Brad Stave

Palliative for Nausea
18"x8"x20", Clay $1400
Bruce Thompson

Artist at Work
18x20x2, Wood "Men at Work" sign, 1890s foundry pattern $375
Mare Tietjen

18x36 inches, Oil $600
Laraine Wade-Butter

Early Evening Reflections
8x10, Acrylic $500
William Walcott

Benthos 3
9 x 5.75 x 3.5, Wood, Maple $475
Brian Watson

Flight Of Fancy
10" x 6" x 1/2", Bead embroidery necklace of pearls, brass, MOP $1150
Delores Weir

Nature's Palate
7.25 x 16, Photography $495
Mary Westerback

Helping an Injured Friend
9"x18"x9", Mixed Media $1200
Leon White

Auto Fetish
24x16, Digital Print $400
Richard Wilson

11in x 10in x 6in, Paper mache $300
Patricia Wilson

The Postman
30 x 22", Oil $800

Game Over
18" X 29", Photography $475
Matthew Worden

48x24, Acrylic $1400.
Stephen Yates

Zip One
18 x 24, acrylic on 3 layers of plexi $1500
Irene Yesley

25x14, Oil $400
Michael Yoxsimer

18.5x14.5, Oil $400
Michael Yoxsimer

The Burning Bush
11 x 26 in., Photography $700
Leslie Zukor