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Harmony in Strings
25x35, Oil $3600
laurie adams

Boys and Buckets
16x20, Oil $2400
laurie adams

The Swan
9x12, Oil $1200.0

What Memories Are Made Of
16 x 20 inches, Oil $1500
Charlotte Arnold

Pink Lace
20 x 16 inches, Oil $1800
Charlotte Arnold

My Mama Lets Me Tend the Cows
16x20, Water Mixable Oils $2200
Susan Astleford

Once Upon a Table
18x24, Oil $1000
Sandra Babb

Ballerinas I
16x12, Oil $1200
Jill Banks

Celeste's Blue
11x14, Oil $800
Vicki Bartholomew

Pottery on Velvet Cloth
18x24, Oil $1800
Trudy Beard-Lazaroe

Clover Crown
11x14, Oil $800
Carol Berning

Garden Party
24x18, Soft Pastel $1500
Donna Biggeee

Up The Creek
11x14, Oil $500
Donna Biggeee

Wings and Willow Ware
10 x 8, Oil $400
Jill Brabant

Rose Medallion and Pears
12x16, Oil $900.00
Grace Buchanan

Donna Drawing
10x8, Oil $500.00
Grace Buchanan

Travel Slice: Venezia
36 X 12, Oil $1800
Patrice Burkhardt

Muscogee Traditions
27x31, Oil $2685
Pat Burns

The Little Artist
30 x 30, Oil $2500
Ann Caudle

Citrus Mosaic
15 x 21, Watercolor $2400
Marsha Chandler

Vegetable Medley
30 x 22, Watercolor $4800
Marsha Chandler

Tangled Up in Blues
16 x 8, Oil $1400
Jane Chapin

Shopping on Fifth
12x16, Oil $1600
Jane Chapin

Apple Swirls
14 x 21, Watercolor $1500
Susan ChurchGrant

11x14, Oil $500
Dede Collicott

Sunny Spot
8x10, Oil $450
Dede Collicott

Peony Polka
24x36, Oil $$2800
eileen corse

Creekside Impressions
8x10, Oil $550
Dot Courson

Ghost Shadows
24x30, Oil $2200
Judy Crane

First Love
22x28, Oil $2500
Marta Crawford

Shem Creek Shrimpers
12x16, oil $1250
Katie Cundiff

16 x 20, Oil $2400
Katie Cundiff

Parasoles on Parade
12x16, Oil $895
arlene daniel

Sunlight Serenade
12x16, Oil $895
arlene daniel

Sheep's in the Meadow
8x8, Oil $300
Nancy Darling

Lake and Pines
11x14, Oil $600
Barbara Davis

Nice Threads
12x24, Oil $825
Leslie Davis

The Yarn Rack
16" x 24", Oil $825
Leslie Davis

Autumn End of Day
11x14, Soft Pastel $700
Camille Day

Flea Market Finds
20 x 16, Soft Pastel $1200
Camille Day

Music of the Morning
10x14, Soft Pastel $495
Kathy Detrano

Hawk's Domain
24x30, Oil $2800
Alice Dobbin

Long Shadows
5x7, Oil $600
Lynn Dunbar

Marsh Fog
20 x 24, Oil $2600
Barrett Edwards

View from the Dock at Cinder Creek #2
11x14, Oil $750
Judy Elias

The Call that Never Came
24x12, Oil $810
Shirley Fachilla

Eye's Left
22 x 28, Oil $1225
Julie Finch

30x30, Oil $2100
laura fontaine

Floating Lily Pads
36x24, Oil $2200
Lissa Friedman

On The Rocks
16 X 20, Oil $600
Barbara Fuller

8X16, Oil $495
Connie Gaertner

River Birch Waltz
23x18, Oil $950
lita gatlin

Valley Buttercups
12x16, Oil $1200
millie gosch

Water's Edge
16x 20, Oil $1500
millie gosch

Light Breeze
9x12, Oil $550
Carol Griffin

Misty Morning
16x20, Oil $1750
Jean Grunewald

Breakfast is Served
18x24, Oil $1950
Jean Grunewald

Lake House
11x14, Oil $485
Sheila Hancock

Cottage in Pont Aven
20 x 16, Oil $1100
Blanche McAlister Harris

Autumn in the Okefenokee Swamp
11x14, Oil $595
Deanna Hatfield

15 x 22, Watercolor $900
Kathleen Haynes

Daniele Avant
18x24, Watercolor $1500.0
Deborah Healy

Sara in Profile
18x24, Oil $1200.
Deborah Healy

Red Balloon
20x16, Oil $875
Susan Hecht

Ode to Richard MacDonald
20x16, Oil $1100
Marjorie Hicks

36x24, Oil $2400
Angela Hill

Rusty Catch
18x14, Oil $1000
Angela Hill

Steampunk Marissa
24x30, Oil $1000
Maria Bennett Hock

The Hands of Time
15"x24", Oil $2000
Karlyn Holloway

Pond's Edge III
18x24, Soft Pastel $1850
Marcia Holmes

Water Lilies in Blue
18 x 18, Soft Pastel $1695
Marcia Holmes

Looking West
16 x 20, oil $2800.0
Paula Holtzclaw

Sounds of Silence
16 x 20, Oil $2800.0
Paula Holtzclaw

Apples and Ivy
12x16, Oil $650
Sandra Horne

Emily's Garden
11x14, Oil $420
Marilyn Howard Flinn

At the Foot of the Glacier
18x24, Oil $2600
Kathleen Hudson

Sunrise in the Bluegrass
12x16, Oil $1600
Kathleen Hudson

Lost River
12 x 18, Soft Pastel $1250
Marion W. Hylton

Evening at Stonington Harbor
12x16, Oil $2500
Joy Jackson

Early Morning Light- Shem's Creek
20x16, Oil $1400
maryanne jacobsen

Persimmons and Winter Roses
12x12, Oil $800
maryanne jacobsen

14 x 27, Watercolor $1200.0
Lori Jenkins

Fab Crabs
14 x 19.5, Watercolor $900.00
Lori Jenkins

The Gloaming Hour
24x30, Oil $2500
Cheryl Keefer

Brookside Autumn
14 x 18, Oil $1175
Nicole White Kennedy

Mona with Turquoise Scarf
12x16, Oil $1100
Kristina Laurendi Havens

A Step Back
20x16, Oil $1500
Kristina Laurendi Havens

everyday magic
16x8, Oil $300
Dottie Leatherwood

Grace vineyard in the morning
24x30, Oil $1600
Julia Lesnichy

Cherry trees in spring
20x24, Oil $850
Julia Lesnichy

Quiet Reflections
12x24, Oil $995
Sherrie Russ Levine

Orange & Blue Floral
16x20, oil $1100
Sherrie Russ Levine

My First Rodeo
30x30, Oil $2000
Gloria Mani

Dazzling Surf
8x10, Oil $750.
Diane Mannion

Waiting on Sunset
16x20, Oil $1950.
diane may

The Three Graces
18" x 24", Oil $1000
Carolyn McDonald

View of Portofino
24x36, Oil $3200
Lucy Barnes McDowell

Olive Tree + Hay Bales
24x30, Oil $1850
Jill McGannon

Sailing Through Rough Waters
22x28, Oil $2400
Kathryn A. McMahon

Harbor Activity
10x24, Oil $1800
Kathryn A. McMahon

Lighthouse Along the Chesapeak
11x14, Oil $850
Lynn Mehta

Sunlit Window
11x14, Oil $750
Karen Meredith

One Fine Day
8x10, Oil $550
Karen Meredith

The Chosen Path
9x12, Soft Pastel $1200
Eve Miller

18x24, Soft Pastel $1300
Dawn Miller

Lotus Nocturne
39x18.5, Watercolor $3500
Kim Minichiello

Bananas on Japanese Box
10x12, Watercolor $500
Kim Minichiello

Perfect Day
11x14, Oil $350
Carol Moliterno

Highlands Pond
12 x 15, Soft Pastel $1100
Debra Nadelhoffer

24x30, Oil $2500
Debra Nadelhoffer

Waiting in Red Shoes
20x20, Oil $1500
Sandy Nelson

Firefly Marsh
24x30, Oil $2500
Sandy Nelson

Marsh Serenade
12x9, Oil $525
Linda Nickles

Donkey Ride
20 x 16, Soft Pastel $1900
Nancy Nowak

Sunset Over The Atlantic
14 x 18, Soft Pastel $1,250
Nancy Nowak

Collecting Shells
6x8, Oil $700
Rosalyn O'Grady

Last Fruit
12x24, Oil $1250
Kathie Odom

Red Top
10x20, Oil $875
Kathie Odom

The Thief
18x24, Oil $2100
Diane Pike

The Hidden Cove
20x24, Oil $2400
Diane Pike

Woman with the Straw Hat
8x10, Soft Pastel $$500
Marilyn Place

New Life in the Shadow
24x30, Oil $1000
Ann Rhodes

Plums and Pears
12x16, Oil $950
Carol Roberts

Fall Beauty
36x24, Soft Pastel $2750
Marsha Savage

Rope Mill Evening
36x24, Soft Pastel $2750
Marsha Savage

Light and Shadows
16"x20", Soft Pastel $2200
Patricia Savage

October Bouquet
18x24, Oil $800.00
Brenda Siegel

Working in the Shade
11x14, Oil $750.00
mary o. smith

Before the Storm
10 x 20, Oil $525
patricia sorg

Dancing light
11x14, Oil $450.00
patricia sorg

Catawba Pot with Nest
12x16, Oil $850
Margie Spalding

16x12, Soft Pastel $700
Kathleen Sparkman

Highlands Waterfall
28x19, Watercolor $700
Jane Springfield

Still Waters
20x16, Oil $1200
Karen Stewart

30 X 24, Oil $850.00
Marta L Suarez

Cape Ann
9x12, Oil $1125.0
Ocie Templin

After The Storm
24x30, Acrylic $1600
Anne Trippe

Before the Storm
20" x 16", Oil $2200
Abby Warman

Just Hitched
21/5 x 28.5 unframed, Watercolor $3000
Susan Wellington

14 x 18, Oil $650.00
betty wentworth

12x16, Oil $600
Lyn Williams

Light in the Hall
20x16, Oil $1800
Connie Winters

Still Life with Oranges
16x20, Oil $1800
Connie Winters

Boreas Pass Colorado
16x20, Oil $850
Caryl Witt

24x18, Oil $3600
Sandra Witty

16x20, Oil $2700
Sandra Witty

Casperson Beach
8x10, Oil $500
Cory Wright

Swimming Hole
11x14, Oil $650
Cory Wright