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The cowhand
18x24, Acrylic $$1500
wei aguirre

Celestial Joy
20.5x14x14 inches, Cast Bronze $14900
Carol Alleman

Santa Rosa Shadow Patterns
12x16, Oil $$750.0
Carol Amos

Canal at Washington's Crossing
16 x15, Pastel $985.
Sandy Askey-Adams

20x14, cast lead crystal $6500
Tammy Bality

Stepping Out
30x24, Oil $NFS
Jill Banks

Morning Mushroom Market
24 x 36, Oil $$6,800
stacy barter

The Dancers
24" x 48", Oil $$4200
nancy bass

Trusted Friends
30x24, Oil $2100
Theresa Beckemeyer

Lemon and Grapes
11x14, Oil $$2200.
Lynn Bertrand

10x20, Oil $5200
Penny Billings

The Guardian
30"h x 20"w, Pastel $$1300.
Laura Black

Sun Catcher
14x18", Acrylic $NFS
Sandra Blair

Beautiful Dreamer
15 X 15 X 8", Bronze $6500
Tamara BonĂȘt

Ibis on Levee
12x12, Acrylic $
Kalaco Brown

Red Stripes
9x12, Pastel $550.00
Karen Budan

On Alert
8x10, Oil $650.00
Meredith Campbell

6x6, Oil $NFS
Victoria Castillo

Winter Bison
20 x 30, Pastel $$3600
Mary Ann Cherry

Desert Bouquet
8x10, Oil $450.00
Yvonne Colclasure

Lingering Mist
11x14, Oil $$1200
valerie craig

Snow Blanket
11x14, Pastel $1200.0
Maryneil Dance

Evening Light
18x24, Oil $NFS
arlene daniel

Buttermilk Road
9x12, Oil $$850
Michele de Braganca

24x24, Oil $2800
SaraJane Doberstein

Sunflower Maze
24x30, Oil $$2200
Ramona Dooley

Spirit Warrior
11x12x19, Bronze $15,800
Karen Eustis

Ginger Jar, Persimmons, and Fan
20 x 16, Oil on Canvas $
Joyce Faucette Farmer

Clementines and Eucalyptus
20x16", on panel $2000
kelli folsom

It's Appealing
12x12, Oil $775
Shirley Gipson

Full Moon Rising
6x8, Oil $650
millie gosch

Sod House Memories
24x36, Oil $$4500
Diane Greenwood

Family Affair
8x10, Oil $
Kristin Grevich

16x20, Oil $NFS
BJ Grimmer

Oranges and Stripes
12x12, Oil $1200.0
Elaine Hahn, OPA

Flood Reflection
48X60", Oil paint, encaustics on bleeding art tissue paper $$3,500
Weeda Hamdan

Ginger Jar and Spiders
48 x 23, Oil $4995
ann hardy

Edge of Morning
12x24, Oil $1400.
Jill Hartley

Eye on the Prize
19x13, Watercolor $$1,800
Fritzi Heron

Reflections of Summer
320, Oil $750
Rosemary Hertsch

Water Lillies
18x24, Oil $2900
Kim Hill

Eastward Vineyard
Miniature Image 2-1/8"x2-1/16" on 16x20 Paper, Watercolor and Gouache $500
Carey Lombardo Hoffer

Spring Dancer
12x16, Watercolor $NFS
Ruth Holton-Hodson

Veiled Fortuna
20 x 14 inches, Charcoal $
Sharon Hourigan

Guardian of the Waters
8 h x 6 diameter, Bronze $2100
Jammey Huggins

Wind Spirit
37 h x 31.5 l x 17 w, Bronze $17000
Jammey Huggins

Tuscon Soft Light
9x12, Oil $1250.
Debob Jacob

Romantic Roses
16x20, Oil $1600
Dee Kirkham

That Time of Day
18x18, Oil $2500.0
Shanna Kunz

Flamenco Recital III
28.5 x 28.5, Watercolor $$2,800
Carolyn Latanision

20x30, Oil $2550
Susan Lindsey

Night Blooming Cereus 1
16x20", Acrylic $$2800
Diana Madaras

18 3/4 x 11 x 9 1/4, Bronze $3,100
Janel Maher

Peaceful Reflections
20 x 16, Oil $$1295
Catherine Mamola

M'Lady's Slipper
10x14x10, Bronze $3500
Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo

25 x 10 x 10, Bronze $4200
Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo

Sedona Spring
11x14, Oil $900.00
Judy Maurer

Point the Way
10x12, Oil $$775.0
diane may

13x15, Charcoal $875.00
Kerri Mcauliffe

Evening + Goldenrod
24x30, Oil $$1,850
Jill McGannon

Halcyon II
13.5" H x 3.25" W x 8.5" D, Bronze $1300
Georgene-NOT McGonagle-NOT

Light's Wonder
18x24, Oil $nfs
Kami Mendlik

Taos Storm
16 x 20, Oil $$2000
Susan Neumann

Hardboiled Lemon and Egg Squeezer
16" x 20", Oil $7999
D. Wynne Nixon

A Good Year For Rain
18x24, Oil $$2,000
Kay Northup

Pitcher, Fruit and Lace
12x24, Oil $1800
Jean Olliver

Butternut Squash
16x20, Oil $1000.0
Tess Olson

9" x13", Pencil $NFS
debi pickler

Crossroads And Kings
22x36, Oil $$5000
elizabeth pollie

Ribbons of Red
24x24 inches, Oil $$1550
Lesley Powell

Aspen Patterns
24 x 20, Oil $
Jeanne Reavis

The Good Book
24x30, Oil $
Gladys Roldan-de-Moras

Summer Shades
16 x 20, Oil $
Nancy Romanovsky

18"x14", Oil $1500
Cathy Rowten

Last Tuna
22x28, Oil $$2200
Catherine Skowron

Magic Moment
12x24, Oil $SOLD

Azaleas Way
12x16, Oil $$1200.
Angela Stratton

Another Morning at the Lake in Blue and Orange
12x16, Oil $1350.o
Susiehyer Susiehyer

Miss Soda Pop
10x10, Oil $$575
Michael-Che Swisher

Pizza Order Wait
11x14, Oil $$300
Tomiko Takeda

Power Flower
9x12, Oil $$300
Kaia Thomas

Listening In
28" x 36", Oil $3600.
Cathryne Trachok

Cattle Drive
30x40, Oil $$2,200
Linda Wacaster

Reflections of the Burl
24 x 36, Oil $$4,300
Nina Walker

Four Months At Sea
16x18 inches, Oil $
Ann Kraft Walker

Weekend Warrior
12x16, Watercolor $$450
Deb Watson

Fine Dining
24" x 24", Oil $$3,200
Sarah Webber

Western Dove
16 x 20, Oil $2,240.
Shirle Wempner

Remains of the Day
12x16, Oil $1300
Ginger Whellock

Across The Creek
18 x 36, Acrylic $
Linda Wilder

Winter Moon
12x12, Oil $1200
Marie Wise

Champagne Polo
16x20, Oil $$4200
Kay Witherspoon